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Empowering Physicians
By Streamlining The Rest.


Founded by brothers - a doctor and a software engineer - looking to leverage technology for the future of Direct Primary Care. Having used every EMR on the market, Dr. Brad Brown couldn't find one that had it all. He liked pieces of each one, but saw potential for something that offered more.  Together, with Kyle Brown's extensive knowledge and experience in coding, app creation, and software development, a full-spectrum DPC practice management platform was born. The Brown brothers have created the first, truly all-in-one system. 

As avid road-bikers, the Brown brothers appreciate the importance of aerodynamics. Just like the perfect bike fit, AeroDPC has streamlined everything a Direct Primary Practice needs to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible - all on one, innovative platform. Fully integrated EMR, business management, patient communication tools, practice organization tools, and more. AeroDPC takes the stress out of the practice so that DPC docs can focus on what really matters - our patients! 

We believe everything should be aero. 

From road biking to direct primary care workflows. Our goal is to be as aerodynamic as possible. 


For Future Customers

Dr. Brad

Founder & Chief Medical Officer. Avid Road Biker & Smart Home Device-er.


Chief Operating Officer. Swift Trail Runner & Cook-From-Scratch-er.


Customer Success Manager. Travel Enthusiast & Fresh Powder Snowboard-er.


Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Crypto Enthusiast & Basketball-er.

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