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Empowering Physicians
By Streamlining The Rest.


Founded by brothers - a doctor and a software engineer - looking to leverage technology for the future of Direct Primary Care. Having used every EMR on the market, Dr. Brad Brown couldn't find one that had it all. He liked pieces of each one, but saw potential for something that offered more.  Together, with Kyle Brown's extensive knowledge and experience in coding, app creation, and software development, a full-spectrum DPC practice management platform was born. The Brown brothers have created the first, truly all-in-one system. 

As avid road-bikers, the Brown brothers appreciate the importance of aerodynamics. Just like the perfect bike fit, AeroDPC has streamlined everything a Direct Primary Practice needs to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible - all on one, innovative platform. Fully integrated EMR, business management, patient communication tools, practice organization tools, and more. AeroDPC takes the stress out of the practice so that DPC docs can focus on what really matters - our patients! 

We believe everything should be aero. 

From road biking to direct primary care workflows. Our goal is to be as aerodynamic as possible. 


For Future Customers

  • What is AeroDPC?
    AeroDPC is a software company that supports everything a DPC doctor needs in one innovative platform, including Electronic Medical Record, business management and patient communication software.
  • Is AeroDPC an EMR?
    Short Answer - Yes! Long Answer - We do that and more. We support all patient chart functionality. We seamlessly connect all patient communication into the patient’s chart feed and make it easy for you to connect. You are able to order labs and receive results directly into the chart. You can write ePrescriptions, manage patients billing and payment information, see financial reports and graphs, and track business statistics. You can see all your notifications on the dashboard. AeroDPC Is an EMR and so much more.
  • Why should I choose AeroDPC?
    We are constantly updating our services to be the most efficient and effective for our doctors. We implement feedback quickly so that our system works for you. We offer more features for a better value.
  • Does AeroDPC bill insurance?
    Not currently, but it is in the works. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Is it really free for less than 50 patients?
    Yes! You have the all-inclusive, full-featured version of Aero for free. We understand startup life and wanted to be friendly to new businesses as you get up and running. We did need to put a cap on this. Aero is free under 50 patients for the first 12 months. Both Aero and the practice's incentives are aligned toward growth. We want to support you as you get started and felt like 12 months was a good line in the sand. If you have questions, please let us know.
  • What features does AeroDPC have?
    Intuitive patient charting Automatic patient billing Practice reporting ePrescribe built in Bi-directional lab ordering with auto-uploaded results All patient phone, text, fax and email communications auto-logged Practice Task Management Patient Sign Up integration Inventory Management G-suite integration and more!
  • What are your Credit Card & ACH processing fees?
    We use Stripe as our payment processor. The Stripe fees for AeroDPC are 2.9% +$.30/transaction for CC and 0.8% for ACH. These fees listed on the Stripe website are not 100% accurate for the following reasons: Stripe charges an additional percentage for "subscription based" charges aka DPC monthly memberships. This is not part of their advertised 2.9% and 0.8%. Stripe charges another small percentage to manage the account and invoicing related to your practice. Aka the cost of doing business with Stripe. We considered having practices that use Aero to sign up with Stripe outside of Aero to save a small percentage, but then the billing would not be fully integrated nor would any reporting and it would all feel disjointed. And then practices would still be surprised by the subscription based fee that is not part of the 2.9% advertised on Stripe's website. To top it all off, Stripe also charges a fee to transfer the money into bank accounts. Within AeroDPC, we want to be as transparent as possible, following the underlying theme of DPC in general. We have adjusted the Stripe fees to include everything they actually charge. This is 3.75% (with no $.30 per transaction as we eat that cost) for CC and 1.75% for ACH respectively. As AeroDPC grows we will be able to lower the processing fees with Stripe in a step-wise manner.
  • Are there any other fees associated with AeroDPC?
    Not to your practice! There is, however, an automatic 15% markup that is added to labs. That 15% markup allows us to still offer all of the features within Aero at such a low cost. The 15% does not come from your account, that cost is passed on to the patient like this: With your client bill pricing for labs, you order a CBC, CMP, Lipids, and A1c. This is typically around $12 total. Aero automatically adds an additional 15% to that which makes the $12 become $13.80. Basically the same for the patient. Again, you are not charged this difference, just the patient. It is one small way we can keep the entire system and all of its features inexpensive for you and allows us to cover our costs.
  • How's the customer service?
    This is a priority for us. You should expect a response within 24 business hours. We want to make sure you have what you need to best run your practice. We also provide a resources page with information you might need to reference when you have questions. You can always contact us at
  • Do the patients have a patient portal?
    Yes, accessible 24/7. They are able to see their demographic info, medical history, medications, allergies, and more. Payment information, lab results, and communication log with the practice are also available. Additionally, if the doctor chooses, patients can see their selected chart notes.
  • Can I sign up today?
    Yes! Request a demo and our team will contact you within 24 business hours.

Dr. Brad

Founder & Chief Medical Officer. Avid Road Biker & Smart Home Device-er.


Chief Operating Officer. Swift Trail Runner & Cook-From-Scratch-er.


Customer Success Manager. Travel Enthusiast & Fresh Powder Snowboard-er.


Founder & Chief Technology Officer. Crypto Enthusiast & Basketball-er.

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