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Getting to Know Your Dashboard

Dashboard, Getting Started, Settings, Move, Resize, Widget, Customize

Let's go through the different elements of the dashboard one by one. 

Getting to Know Your Settings

Settings, Getting Started, Intro

Let's go through your settings page and all the options you have to customize your practice. 

Getting to Know Your Patients Page

Patients, Getting Started, Intro

Let's go through your patients page so you know all it can do.

Getting to Know Your Files Page

Files, Getting Started, Drive

Did you know you have a practice file drive? Let's get into it.

Getting to Know the Contacts Page

Contacts, Getting Started, Address, Book, Save, Fax

Let's go through your contacts and build contact groups.

Getting to Know Your Calendar

Getting Started, Calendar, Schedule, Scheduler, Intro

Let's go over the calendar and understand its usefulness.

Getting to Know the Inventory Page

Getting Started, Inventory

Here you can manage your inventory and visualize stocked items.

Customize Your Dashboard

Dashboard, Widgets, Customize, move, resize, settings, setup

You can move and resize all the widgets on your dashboard. Make it custom to your needs.

Creating a New Template

Create, Template, dot, phrase, shortcut, macro, #, setup

Let's create a template so you can save time with custom fields.

Using Template Shortcuts in Notes

using, template, shortcut, note, dot, phrase, shortcuts, macro, setup

Here you can learn how to utilize your created templates.

Phone Number Forwarding

phone, number, forwarding, setup

Let's go over how to setup and manage your practice's phone.

Adding an Item to Your Inventory

add, item, inventory, setup

Let's go over your inventory and how to add new items.

Adding a New Company

add, new, company, patient, employer, employee, billing, setup

Learn how to add companies and configure their payment methods.

How-To Fax

upload, send, fax, file, setup

Let's go over how to upload and send a fax.

Patient Self-Scheduling Set Up

patient, schedule, self-schedule, scheduling, setup, set up, scheduler, calendar

Learn how your patients can self-schedule appointments based on your availability.

Confirm a Scheduler Appt

confirm, scheduler, appointment, calendar

Here is how you can confirm appointments once your patient has booked a time slot.

Set Auto Appointment Reminders

set, automatic, appointment, reminder, calendar

Let's go over how to send automatic appointment reminders to your patients.

Custom Welcome Email to Patients

Custom, welcome, email, patient, message

This is how you can customize emails that will be sent to new patients that use the signup link.

Tasks Feature Demo

task, feature, assign, user

Let's go over how to utilize the task feature to communicate with users within your practice.

Face Sheet Source Video

face, sheet, profile, referral, pdf, export

Learn how to generate face sheets for your patients.

Adding a Signature for a Provider and Using it in a Template

provider, signature, template, add, written

Learn how you can create a signature and use it in a template.

View Drafts

Provider, signature, template, add, written

Let's go over how to view drafts and manage unfinished draft notes.

Assign Drafts to Other Staff

drafts, message, note, chart

Here you can learn how to assign drafts across your practice.

How to Voicemail

voicemail, phone, call, listen

Let's go over how to setup and utilize your practice's voicemail.

Patient Sign Up Link

patient, sign, up, signup, link, enroll, where

Let's go over how to find and send your sign up link.

Patient Signup Updates

patient, sign, up, signup, link, enroll, update, where

Learn how to review and update your patients information.

Confirming a New Patient

confirm, new, patient, customer, client, charge, accept, discount, billing, subscription

Let's go over how to confirm a new patient to your practice.

How to Activate Your Patient Portal

activate, patient, portal, new, signup, sign, up, login

Let's go over how to activate your patient portal.

Patient Note and Template Demo

patient, note, template, chart, interaction

Here is how you can create patient notes and utilize templates to save time.

Pay Now Demo

pay, now, payment, bill, charge, billing

Learn how to charge a patient for a one-time fee.

Schedule Text Messages

schedule, text, message, later, delay, postpone, future

Let's go over how to schedule text messages to your patients.

Growth Charts

growth, chart, peds, pediatic, pediatrician, WHO, CDC

Learn how to create and utilize growth charts in your practice.

Call a Patient using Practice Phone Number

call, phone, number, practice, forward, port, patient, out

Let's go over how to utilize your practice phone number to call a patient.

ePrescribing Using Veradigm

eprescribe, prescribe, veradigm, medication, eRx, script, write, send

Here is how you can prescribe medications using Veradigm.

Scaling an In-House Prescription Label

scale, prescription, label, in-house

Learn how to configure your prescription labels for your practice.

Ordering Patient Labs

lab, order, labcorp, ordering, labs, quest, CPL, patient

Let's go over how to order a lab for your patients.

Create Custom Billing Products

billing, charge, payment, pay, patient, product, custom, package, special

Create custom practice products that you can use over and over.

Create Custom Subscription

billing, bill, charge, payment, subscription, membership, patient, custom, package, special, month

Create custom subscriptions that fit your practice's needs. You can update the recurring frequency and then the start and end time. Bill your patients the way that works for you.

Provider Signature vs. My Signature

signature, sign, note, provider, chart, sig, template

Use different signatures for different purposes.

Create Annual Payment Subscription

billing, subscription, annual, payment, pay, product, custom, package, charge

Create an annual subscription and learn how to bill your patients with the new subscription.

One-Time Patient

one-time, patient, once, single payment

Learn how to confirm and bill a one-time patient.

IntakeQ Overview

forms, custom, intake, IntakeQ, patient, question, questionnaire, consent, document, signature, sign, ASQ, create, send

Custom Intake Forms are live with the IntakeQ integration. See a teaser of all that you can do with forms.

Create a PDF Form

forms, custom, intake, IntakeQ, patient, question, questionnaire, consent, document, signature, sign, ASQ, create, send, pdf

Create a custom intake form by starting with an existing PDF. You can add eSignature fields, date fields, textboxes, etc. Check out how in this video.

Create a Custom Questionnaire

forms, custom, intake, IntakeQ, patient, question, questionnaire, consent, document, signature, sign, ASQ, create, send, pdf

Create a custom questionnaire intake form. You can either create your own questions and fields or add from the existing question libraries.

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