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Custom Billing is Live!

The moment we've all been waiting for. More flexibility and options to use when billing your patients plus some bonus upgrades.

All those things you've been asking if you can do? Yeah, we were listening and tried to incorporate as many of those as we could!

1. Create your own Custom Products

Now you have the ability to create products that you can "sell" over and over to your patients.

Examples from our community include: One-time Customers, Nutrition Package, Aesthetics treatments, Procedures, Sports Physicals, Injections, etc. By having products available now it means that your patients do not have to have an active subscription. You can charge them the best way you see fit. How-to HERE.

2. Create Practice Custom Subscriptions

Age-based billing tiers are great! But not always the best choice. Enter custom subscriptions. Now you have the ability to create the subscription that makes the most sense for your patients. You can choose the duration, start/end time, price, etc. Examples of custom subscriptions from our Aero community include: 3-month Lactation Special, Location-based pricing tiers, 6 month snowbird memberships, Family Memberships, Military Memberships, etc. How-To HERE.

3. Updated Confirm Patient Workflow

Ok truly this one might be the best. Confirming a new patient just got so much better. Sleek interface, familiar workflow. You don't know it yet, but you are going to love this. Check out the video HERE.

4. Companies Updates

Signing up a company with your practice is now easier than before. Add employees to specific subscriptions or products and manage your companies accounts. See step-by-step instructions HERE.

5. Ability to add account credits. Add referral credits, hardship credits, etc.

6. Updated Sales Interaction Form

Which one are you most excited about? Thanks to all our users' feedback for helping us build a great product.

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