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AeroDPC joins the Hint Health Ecosystem!

AeroDPC is thrilled to announce that we are joining forces with Hint Health! This merger fast-tracks AeroDPC's mission to have everything a DPC doctor needs in one, innovative platform and jumpstarts the end-to-end possibilities, making it even easier for physicians to make the switch to the DPC model.

In addition, "This acquisition will better enable Hint to fulfill our mission by providing practices who are getting started in Direct Primary Care with a simple, affordable, all-in-one solution designed specifically for the DPC community,” said Hint Health CEO, Zak Holdsworth. “It will also serve as a blueprint for how we can further enhance new and existing partner integrations within the Hint ecosystem which is a strategic priority for Hint.”

The entire AeroDPC team joins Hint Health including brothers, Dr. Brad Brown, Chief Medical Officer and Kyle Brown, Chief Technology Officer who co-founded the company as well as Chief Operating Officer, Dani Brown, and Customer Success Manager, Ben Fetter. AeroDPC delivers excellence in customer service and will continue to do so as part of Hint Health. There is an incredible alignment of values with both companies listening to and incorporating customer feedback swiftly, so the customer experience will only be enhanced as a result.

“As a DPC physician myself, bringing Hint Health and AeroDPC together is extremely exciting and powerful for DPC as a whole” says Dr. Brad. “DPC is medicine how it used to be, just doctor and patient. Having an all-in-one solution allows doctors to take their eyes off the computer screen and focus solely on their patients. With this acquisition, doctors and patients alike will further benefit from the streamlined products, enabling us to better serve the DPC community.”

What’s to Come: An End-to-End Solution to Accelerate DPC

Nearly from day one, Hint Health founders Zak Holdsworth and Graham Melcher envisioned an end-to-end solution for Direct Primary Care practices. However, at the time, the priority from a product perspective was to support the immediate needs of their clients who were scaling fast and needed support with enrollment, eligibility, billing and seamless interoperability. Broadening their product footprint would have to wait, but they did realize that in order to fulfill their mission of powering direct care and making it the new standard, an EMR and practice management solution would eventually need to be a part of their technology stack. So when they met the AeroDPC team initially to talk about a potential partnership, given the shared vision of the founders and the comprehensiveness of the AeroDPC platform the conversations quickly turned towards acquisition.

“From a practice solution perspective, AeroDPC is a fully featured software that pairs brilliantly with HintOS,” explains Hint Health Co-founder and CTO, Graham Melcher. “On the technical side, Kyle [Brown] leveraged his experience working at Amazon to build AeroDPC using state of the art practices (like microservices and serverless Lambda’s) that enables rapid feature development as well as limitless scaling.”

Dr. Brad describes coming into the Hint Health umbrella as “a no-brainer,” the two companies are mission-aligned and want to see the same transformational outcomes take place in the U.S. healthcare system. Joining forces will propel the ease of adoption for doctors transitioning to a DPC care model with less steps to take in the process.

Next year, a new Hint product will be launched alongside HintOS combining the best features of AeroDPC and HintOS in one place, including:

  • Membership Management

  • Billing

  • EMR

  • Business management

  • Patient communication

  • Lab Integrations

  • ePrescribe

  • & MORE!

In the meantime, AeroDPC will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of Hint Health, serving DPC practices with its innovative software.

Answers for Some Questions You May Have

What is going to be different about my workflows?

  • Nothing for the time being! There will be no interruption to your AeroDPC services. We are working in the background to integrate Hint & AeroDPC to bring our customers a super-powered EMR with best-in-class billing, reporting and membership management services along with access to the supplemental DPC-specific resources Hint customers enjoy.

Will my Pricing change?

  • We always want to be fair to our customers, so our current AeroDPC customers will benefit from a grandfathered rate through the end of 2023

What will change with my support?

  • You will get more support. We are training staff and going to expand the AeroDPC support team. Customer Support is the highest priority and Hint is known for their excellent customer support within the DPC community.

How will the Hint & AeroDPC products work together? Will Aero still be an all-in-one solution?

  • The teams are currently working on integrating the products so that they will work seamlessly together. Once this work is completed, it will be hard to tell that you are using separate products and you will benefit from the combined forces of both products/teams. Once we are ready to onboard you into the combined solution, it will be a seamless transition and will likely not require you to do anything. We will let you know when this will take place likely within first half of 2023 and provide updates as we go.

What is the DPC Accelerator?

  • DPC Accelerator is a free training and coaching program for Hint customers. You’ll learn what it takes to design, launch, and grow a thriving Direct Primary Care practice—and you’ll get help putting it all together to realize your vision.

  • Read more HERE.

Have a question? See if the FAQs below answer it, and if not, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Hint team at

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